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Our team at One Call Away Health Services LLC provides quality and exceptional home care services. We are here to help individuals adapt to permanent or temporary physical limitations. We strive to focus on a wellness perspective on the health of populations and the communities where our clients live.


When you call us, we will help you find out if the services you need are covered by insurance or another benefit. On your behalf, we will find out what your policy and benefits include. We can accept Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Pay, private insurance, and private pay. We are here to help you with filling out any paperwork and secure authorizations. Whatever help you need, do know that we are just ONE CALL AWAY.

WHY CHOOSE One Call Away Health Services LLC?

When you choose us, you are guaranteed to receive dependable and responsive care from experienced, compassionate caregivers who have undergone extensive employee background checks. 


One Call Away Health Services LLC is committed to providing the optimal level of home care services to the individuals we serve.


Our vision is to contribute to health by enhancing the quality of life for all people as we navigate care to promote mind-body wellness through our exceptional care.